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The Evening Standard Used A Picture Of A George Michael Lookalike By Accident

12 April 2018


The Evening Standard ran a story on Wednesday night, reporting that the biggest study into the DCM disease that killed singer George Michael had gotten underway.

The report states that Imperial College London is conducting research involving 2,000 patients nationwide into dilated cardiomyopathy, which stretches the heart muscle so blood cannot be pumped around the body properly.

In the print copy of he London newspaper, though, there was a slight mishap with the choice of photograph to accompany the story; the picture adjacent to the story was of a George Michael lookalike, not the late pop legend.

In fairness, he is a good lookalike. Haircut, glasses, pose, attention to detail with his clothing – it’s all spot on. At first glance it does look like the Wham star, but take another look and you’ll realise it isn’t.

This lookalike featured in the story actually goes by the name of Robert Lamberti.

But hey, mistakes happen. Newsrooms are busy places, deadlines are strict, it’s not the worst photo selection to have been made by a newspaper in recent history, but a quick online search of George Michael provides countless photos of the popstar.

Still, great free promotion for Mr Lamberti, who won’t have any complaints.

Source: JOE

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